Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Question 7: How do I stay in contact without being a pest?

I've heard this question asked in many forms:
How do I politely stay in contact?
How do I avoid being a pain in the a$$?
How can I let people know I'm available without being annoying?

Here's the thing... It's your job as a freelancer in the entertainment industry, to let people know you're out there and looking for work.  Working people understand this and even expect it.  Therefore, get rid of words like "pest," "annoying," "pain in the..." and simply ask me: 

"How do I effectively stay in touch with my contacts?"

To effectively stay in touch with contacts, you must be proactively BUILDING your relationship as opposed to simply asking for work and letting them know you're available.  As long as your focus is on the relationship, you are being professional.  As I often suggest, put yourself in their shoes.  How often would you want to be called if you were working an 80-hour week? And what would prompt you to return a call?  

Give them a reason to call you back!  

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Anonymous said...

What are reasons they would want to call me back?

TheGreenlightCoach said...

For a more detailed answer, invest in my book (only $4.97)
"Are You a Pain in the Ass? The 5 Keys to Effectively Staying in Contact Without Being a Pest"
www.TheGreenlightCoach.com in my store under e-books

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