Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Question 8: What tools can I use to not bring work home with me?

This is an important question for many reasons.  I'm going to focus on one.  

If you have a bad day at work, come home in a bad mood, and your significant other gives you a hug to make you feel better, you are creating an "anchor."  What happens is, unconsciously,  the stronger (negative) emotion is being anchored to your well-meaning significant other.  Therefore, every day for a month you do this and viola- you have created a negative anchor to your significant other.  You don't know why, but every time you come home, (even when you're not in a bad mood) seeing your significant other puts you in a bad mood.  Not good!

To avoid this, you must change your emotional state before you go home- hence today's reader's question.  There are many ways to change your state;  some quite silly, others quite practical.  

*note: the key to a successful change of state is to be sure that the tactic you're using creates a more powerful state than the negative one you're in.

Here are some practical ones:
1. Create your own soundtrack.  Ever hear a song that instantly changes your mood because it reminds you of a thrilling time or a great movie?  Choose songs that really put you in a good mood, burn them on a disc, and play it in your car on the way home.

2. Vigorous exercise.  That's right, do some jumping jacks, run in place, do some "Rocky" style sit-ups, just get those endorphins flowing and sweat out the frustrations of the day.

3. Use your imagination.   Close your eyes and imagine a scenario that makes you feel an emotion that is stronger than your bad mood.  I suggest having some scenarios thought out when you're not in a bad mood to be used later.  This is because when you're in the bad mood it's harder to come up with something that will make you feel better.   

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Anonymous said...

What's a Rocky style sit-up?

Anonymous said...

Should my soundtrack have Barry White?

TheGreenlightCoach said...

What ever puts you in a better mood : )
I've got Eye of the Tiger, Let's Get Loud, Walking on Sunshine, Living on a Prayer... I could go on, there are about 16 songs on mine.

Amie said...

yes, yes, yes!!!
I practiced taking a moment to myself when I was stressed yesterday. Music in the car on the way home was a HUGE help. Also, I was so stressed that I could not handle the idea of the gym or sit-up ( rocky style or little old girlie me style). I took a walk, breathed deep. That simple movement & open air did the trick.
GREAT SUGGESTIONS, Jessica. it is important in our demanding, unstable world right now- that we take control of our home life and create what we desire there.

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