Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Question 78: Can I call people for work now, even though I've been out of touch them?

The person who asked me this knows how I feel about re-establishing relationships first. While that is usually the case, that would mean that  you would have had to re-establish in April, before the up-fronts.

This person did not. This person still needs to get work though. Therefore, try these tips:
1. Acknowledge the purple elephant in the room: It's been a long time since we've spoken...

2. Research what they've been doing: I know you've been busy working on Private Practice...

3. Tell them what you've been doing: I was working on XXXXX...

4. Combine the two: It's always such a challenge to stay in touch with the people you like when everyone is working...

5. Ask what else they've been up to (this can be quick small talk, or a serious catch up)

6. Tell them why you're calling: You may have heard that XXXXX was cancelled, so now I'm looking forward to getting on a new show. Do you know of anyone who is hiring or may know someone who is?

Look, is it the ideal scenario? In my book, no. But it is what it is. And the bottom line is, it is your job to look for work and people get that. Project warmth, sincerity, and confidence. 

ps: actors, start re-establishing relationships with people now, BEFORE they start hiring for episodic co/guest stars.

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