Thursday, May 21, 2009

Question 79: I am astonished by the amount of things you do each day and each week and wonder how you do it.

The question continues: ... How do you prioritize between doing one thing and another? What criterion do you use to make that decision? 

My criteria is simple: 

1. What is my "fastest path to cash?" In other words, what must be done immediately to grow my company and help my clients succeed?

2. Deadlines given to me by  others in order to market myself aka articles, seminars, interviews, etc.

3. Then I have my specific must-do commitments, like my commitment to answer a question on my blog everyday

4. Once my business "business" is done, I prioritize my entertainment industry career to-dos. I only give my entertainment career about 10% of my time. That time though, is spent working SMART, not hard

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