Monday, August 24, 2009

Question 175: What does it mean when a casting director says, "great job" and then doesn't give you a call back?

It means different things from different casting directors. YOUR job as an actor/actress, is to go in prepared, and do the best audition you can do. An audition is a job. Your acting in front of people, right? So you're doing your job. Treat an audition with as much respect and hard work as you would if you booked the job you're auditioning for. Show up on time, do your job, then leave and let it go. If someone say's "Great," then great. If they don't call you in, it doesn't mean you weren't great. It could mean you get called in 7 years later, for a part that you're perfect for. You just don't know. Sorry...

Analyzing what people mean is futile. Even if you asked, you have no guarantee that they'll tell you truthfully what they meant. Confidence must come from within you, NOT others' opinions of you.

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