Wednesday, September 9, 2009

question 191: I feel like I might be being pushed out of the industry. What are some ways to push back and say I am still here?

You can't be pushed out of the industry. That would imply that the industry has control over you as opposed to you having control over your career. Never give away your power like that. There are more people in this industry than you could meet in your lifetime. Everyday new people flock to Los Angeles to work in our industry. Look how many people's careers should have been over for seemingly unforgivable things, and yet they come back even stronger. For Pete's sake, even The Hoff is still on TV, tormenting us with song!

So let's chunk this down. Who specifically do you think might be pushing you out of the industry? Identify that person or people first, so you can diffuse the overwhelm of feeling like an entire industry is pushing you out.

Once you've identified the source(s) of your concern, you can:

A. Evaluate the circumstances and decide if it's "real" or if you're making mountains out of molehills.

B. Choose to move on and create new powerful relationships

C. "Push back" as you put it. (I don't particularly care for this option. Why waste time "pushing back"? I say PUSH FORWARD!)

Once you've decided which way you want to go, let me know if you have further questions regarding your new strategy.

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