Tuesday, September 8, 2009

question 190: How do I create my own web series if I don't have money?

Collaboration! I happen to know that the person who asked this question is an actress.

Because she's an actress with an idea, to create a web series, the bare minimum she needs is:

1. a writer(s)
2. a director
3. a producer
4. a camera person
5. an editor

On many web series, 2 people can be all 5 of those. She also needs equipment for camera, sound, and editing.

With no money, she'll be looking to collaborate with people who want to build their credits and skills/experience, believe in the idea, and want to create relationships with others working on the project. They will volunteer their time, equipment, and resources.

The little details of creating a project like this, that I'm not going into, will be discovered when you begin collaborating. You will probably need some money (for batteries, lunch, etc.).

BE SURE to have non-disclosure agreements when discussing your project as well as contracts for all involved. EVEN IF YOU'RE WORKING WITH YOUR BEST FRIENDS!!! You can even download these for free on the internet and make them fit your needs. Protect your project! If you want to make everyone equal partners in it, fine. Just put it in writing!

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