Monday, September 28, 2009

question 210:What is the easiest job to get in the entertainment industry?

I can't really say there's an "easy" job to get in the entertainment industry. Even seemingly easy to get positions like a production assistant or gofer, are in great demand, and therefore quite competitive.

My clients hear me say over and over that while ours is a competitive industry, every industry is competitive if you want to make it to the top. So my question to you is do you have a strong passion for a particular area of the entertainment industry?

If so, find out what the entry level position is for that area and focus on getting that specific job.

If not, and you just know you want to be in the industry, research the different areas/department and narrow it down to 5-10 jobs that appeal to you. Then, if possible, have conversations with people in each area so you can narrow it down to an entry level position you'd like to pursue.

It's better to focus on a path that you choose rather than getting stuck on a career path that doesn't suit because you chose an "easy" way in.

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