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entertainment industry coach question 307:What's an out-of-the-box way for a freelance film/video editor to network for job leads?

...or relationships that lead to work? I've answered this question to many classifications in different ways, but this editor wants an out-side-of-the-box way to create relationships that lead to work.

Based on his IMDB credits, I see that his editing work has been non-union, low budget, and in a few cases, written, directed, & produced by him (bravo for that).

For someone at this level I have 2 suggestions for today's blog:

1. Find working actors who want to direct.
There are many working actors who want to direct. It may be a short, a pilot presentation, a web series, or a full length feature. The fact that they are working actors, gives them credibility so they can get other recognizable actors and actresses on their project, who will look good on your reel. If you work well with the actor/director, the plan is to create a future partnership.

2. Reach out on Craig's List to people with unfinished projects.
Most projects make it "into the can" and suddenly the funds run out and they never see the light of day. That's where you come in. Place an ad on Craig's List offering to finish a project in limbo. People interested have to fill out an extensive application. You decide what the criteria for accepting a project will be for you. Is there name talent in it? Is the material so good that you feel it has legs to actually move if completed? Is it a higher budget/quality than anything on your reel? How much of your time will be invested?

Then interview the directors and producers to see if these are people you want to create relationships with.

While everyone would prefer to be paid (and even in these cases you may be able to get something), the reality is that as you build your contacts and credits, freebies have become a way of the industry. With this method, you can be selective and strategic about the projects you take.

note: you may have to place the ad multiple times and in multiple places (other than Craig's List). You may even put in the ad, if you or someone you know has a project that is in limbo because you can't find an editor...

double note: you may receive angry responses from union editors who think what you're doing is wrong. I work with many union editors, and the bottom line is, if you don't do it, no one will. These are not union projects, you are not taking work away from a union editor. These are not stingy people who are holing out on the cash (you're interviewing them so you'll know that). These are people who you are helping complete their dream. And with some good marketing, that finished project can turn into union work for all of you.

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