Thursday, February 25, 2010

entertainment industry coach question 360: How do I know if someone has un-friended me on Facebook?

You just go to their page and if it says, "add so-and-so" as a friend, and he/she had been a friend, you've been unfriended.

There are many reasons why someone "un-friends" you, other than their significant other no longer wants you writing on their wall or you're a stalker. I chose to answer this question today, because 4 TIMES this week, I've had people put their dang links on my wall without my permission. The first three I un-friended immediately. The fourth, I wrote on her wall "my rules" if you will. She just became my friend so she hasn't seen my rants about Facebook Etiquette. Maybe she won't like my rules and un-friend me. But here's the deal people.

1. Quit hitting work colleagues with pillows, sending them prayers, and offering to plant crap in their garden!

2. DO NOT ADVERTISE (yes advertise because that's what you're doing when you put your link on MY wall) without permission. Anyone want to check out Juliet Landau's documentary on Gary Oldman go ahead, and she can post on my wall, because she's my client and has my permission.

3. DON'T POST your party pictures that make you look like a moron or a slut (even if you think you look hot in the picture). Now I post my pictures from Halloween or with heavy metal groups because people in the industry who like heavy metal, connect with me on that.

I'm not trying to be mean, and the girl who posted on my wall has already apologized. I just want you to realize how these actions can REALLY HURT YOUR CAREER. She's still my friend. The other 3... got the boot (steel tipped for my heavy metal followers).

And to think, my questionee was just wondering who was de-friending him. Don't worry about who doesn't want to be your friend, focus and nurture the friends you have by being respectful and professional.

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