Thursday, October 14, 2010

entertainment industry coach question 589: I read yesterday's blog. R U allowed to talk to them or should you just observe?

Well the way I see it is, the only difference between me and anyone else under that tent in video village, is the opportunities they've had. We all have talent, we all have passion, and we all have confidence. Therefore, anyone I wasn't introduced to by the DP who invited me, I introduced myself to. They're just people (amazingly talented and funny people, but still people).

Now, keep in mind, I took the temperature of the set. The people were warm and welcoming, so I knew it was okay to make conversation. There are certainly sets that are far more tense, on which you would have to make your own choice if it's better to step back and observe.

I've found that when sets are that tense and "closed off" people who would normally invite me, tell me that it's not a great set to visit or they're going through a tense time so maybe give it a few weeks.

A few rules I made up for myself and you can feel free to adopt:
1. Never sit on a directors chair unless someone offers it to you (and if someone important comes in and there are no chairs left, offer to give up yours).
2. On the flip side if you're standing and someone offers their seat and you say no, to be polite, if after an hour or so they offer again, take it, because they probably feel uncomfortable that you're a guest and you are standing for so long. Don't make them ask three times :-)
3. Don't eat set food unless it's offered. Even then I don't eat it, but I'm just that way. I eat before I go. Now if they offer you a water or a soda and you're thirsty, go ahead. Dehydrating on set would be embarrassing for both you and the person who invited you.
4. Don't give your opinion on what's going on unless asked for it. Silent laughing when scenes are hilarious is not included. That's not an opinion that's positive reinforcement... unless of course it's a drama.

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