Thursday, October 14, 2010

entertainment industry coach question 588: Why would you as a career coach do a set visit?

This is from a Facebook reader who saw my post about doing a set visit on Modern Family. Well as both a career coach and an industry professional, I practice what I preach. I do set visits to see clients as well as (in today's case) to visit friends who work on shows I LOVE.

I've already blogged on reasons to do set visits, so you can read those in the archives. Here's why I personally love set visits and what I especially loved about today. When you target specific shows you love, you get to meet the people who create the "magic" and learn from the masters of the craft. I was privileged to spend 4 hours in video village observing the interaction, between Steve Levitan (Creator/Exec Producer), Adam Shankman (Director), James Bagdonas (Director of Photography) and the two writers of the episode. To witness the creative process, the "on-the-fly" problem solving which comes with every public location (and closed sets as well), and the professional yet fun way, these men handled every situation was both inspiring and invigorating. There's a reason why shows like Modern Family are great- the team making it happen.

There is so much to learn not only from a technical point of view but in addition, from the confidence of experience, how respectfully they speak to each other, how they handle the "unexpected" and turn it into something spectacular, these are gems that you can apply to your future endeavors.

Anyone with "negative issues" about set visits- you are getting in your own way! Put your ego aside and allow yourself to bathe in the inspiration that is everywhere when you surround yourself with this caliber of talent!

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