Tuesday, November 9, 2010

entertainment industry coach question 615: how can I get a referral to an agent. Should I try the mentor approach?

Getting referrals to agents and managers is the same as getting a referral to anyone: you have to ask for it. A referral is an introduction from a mutual friend or work associate. It is not a recommendation (although those are good too.) Basically, you ask the people you already know if they are represented, and if so, if they would refer you to their representation for an informational interview or a meeting. The more referrals you can get to a specific agent, the better.

So if you're going after an agency that reps more than just actors, see if any of the writers or directors you know are repped by them. Aim for 3 referrals before making the call. Then there's the strategy of having 3 people make calls on your behalf to the same agent until the agent wants to know, "Who is this person I'm getting calls about and why don't I know him/her?"

Finally, you asked about mentorship with an agent. One of my first mentors in Los Angeles was an agent. It made sense; I wanted to study at the most respected schools, know the legitimate casting workshops, and get advice on which casting offices to target. It worked for me. And as a bonus, my mentor sent me out on auditions.

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