Friday, November 12, 2010

entertainment industry coach question 618: I sent out mentor letters and want to be sure they got it, but I don't want to call. Should I?

Why do you think this has to be hard, or better yet, why are you making it hard? I had this discussion with a Platinum client of mine the other day and I asked him, "If you had to messenger your reel to a company who wanted you for a job the next day, would you call to confirm the reel was received?" to which he responded "yes" without a second thought.

Because there was a job on the line and the stakes were high he would have no problem making the call. Now imagine he makes the call, they received his reel, but he doesn't get the job. Across town, he sent a mentor letter to someone, who in my crystal ball I can see would have wound up calling him for work in 3 months, if only he had called to follow up about receiving the letter. But unfortunately, he didn't see it as high stakes so he never made the call, and the letter which made it to the potential mentors assistant's desk, got lost under a pile and eventually thrown away.

I call that a COSTLY missed opportunity! If you don't want to make the follow up call, have someone else do it for you acting as an assistant on your behalf. You don't have to do everything alone! This is the work that it takes, so I leave you with this question:


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