Wednesday, November 24, 2010

entertainment industry coach question 630:My project is done but the music and I don't have $. How important is the music in a film?

Uh boy! Do you really want to open these flood gates, because my composers are going to eat you alive, not to mention any director worth his weight.

In fact, (and don't think I'm angry because I'm not. I want you to feel safe submitting questions to me, this is just tough love...) answer me this, and you'll answer your own question:

Would Jaws have had the same impact if Steven Spielberg ran out of money and had no music for his oncoming shark?

I rest my case...

But wait there's more, so much more! The stingers from Seinfeld are epic, they still play in my head. Someone composed those! And sound effects and foley, this is ALL part of the sound of a project and how the sound in turn makes you feel, and ultimately how you feel about a project determines if it's going to be a hit or a miss.

There is a piano piece, I believed played by Jim Brickman though the music is credited to James Horner, for the film A Beautiful Mind. This piece has the power to transform me in an instant, to bring tears to my eyes, to break my heart, and somehow uplift me at the same time. It's as close to perfect as a piece of music gets for me. So incredibly beautiful and moving. Literally, if I was going to be stuck on a desert island and could only bring one song with me, this would be the one... no lyrics, but it speaks to me, and the conversation always changes.

Perhaps you can find a gifted artist who needs a break and would work with you... what I'm saying is, don't give up because of money, it's too important.

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