Sunday, December 12, 2010

entertainment industry coach question 647: How do I react when 2 out of 80 calls I make per day are returned?

The question continued: "I've been in Europe for a few years where people call you back immediately. When I returned to the states, I found that people prefer to use email or social media. This is very impersonal to me. What do you recommend?"

I recommend giving the people what they want. A year ago, I was struggling to get people in our industry to set up a Facebook page. Now it's how people get to know each other. You can't fight the trends. I knew it was coming, so I teach people about it. I'm actually spending my holiday getting up to speed on LinkedIn after seeing a great young speaker talk about the networking benefits on it. I always thought it was basically an online resume. I was so wrong.

So embrace the trends, and you can still get very personal with people via social media. Everything ebbs and flows. Eventually people will get tired of spending so much time at their computer and want to have human contact again or hear a friendly voice on the phone. But until then, give the people what they want. And as far as those 2 people who call you back... THEY are your "people." They are like-minded and enjoy phone contact. So those are the people who you deepen relationships with in your preferred style. The rest will be contacts whom you're not as close with, but still contribute to your career path.

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