Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 999: How do you differentiate between being aggressive and being a pest?

This is the age old question that has been addressed by me many many times. The person who asked, had a meeting with someone who said that the quality she most admires is someone who is aggressive and goes for what he/she wants. Then when asked what turns her off, she said, "People who are pests."

So you can see the Questioner's dilemma.

Here is my humble opinion on the subject. There is no definition for Pest and Positively Aggressive that can help you be one and not the other. What it comes down to is your personality, your passion, and your emotional state.

I have never met an outgoing person, who is excited and passionate about what they were perusing who aggressively stayed in touch and reminded me of their goals, who struck me as a pest... NEVER.

On the other hand I have had MANY people pursue me in a whiny, miserable way, using statements like "I'm dying over here" or "I'm going crazy from lack of work" whose desperation, neediness and lack of passion was not only Pest-like, it was also enough to turn a career coach off... and it's my job to help people. But seriously, why would I want to be around someone like that (unless they are paying me A LOT of money and I mean A LOT!)

So be aware of "who you're being." Come from a place of authenticity and passion. Go for what you want and don't apologize for it. And pursue with purpose. If someone thinks you're a pest when that's who you're being.... that person is "not your people" so move on...

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