Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Getting Jobs in Entertainment question 1254: How many times a year should I do an agent mailing?

Uh Oooooh.... this is one of those questions that make me go.... hmmmm. I feel like I just addressed this recently, but maybe it was in a seminar. Agent mailings are for the most part a big waste of time and money. The reason I say that is because:

1. People don't bother to consider the timing of when they're pursuing an agent and do a mailing willy-nilly like right smack in the middle of pilot or staffing season.

2. People buy a list of addresses, don't check that they're up-to-date, don't personalize the mailing to the agent in the right department, and don't spell check names.

3. People send out resumes, reels, head shots COLD. Do you know how many thousands of people are submitting to agents? It's far more effective to get referrals to agents. The time you spend getting referrals and approaching an agent in a professional way, will be worth it compared to the years of unproductive mailings.

I'm not saying that cold mass mailings don't ever work, I'm simply offering you a more effective use of your time (because it rarely works).

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