Sunday, August 22, 2010

entertainment industry coach question 536:I am really shy at networking, so I don't. What else can I do?

I will tell you where to start so you get your feet wet, but eventually you have to jump in the pool. The bottom line is meeting people face to face is the fastest way to establish rapport with them, and that's how you connect faster and more deeply. It is a major part of the business part of your career path, which unfortunately for people, like you, who don't enjoy it, puts you at a major disadvantage.

In the meantime, start with social media. Reach out to people in your classification and people who can potentially hire you, on Facebook. Send a personal note so they know that you're not a hacker. Then you can start to get to know them by looking through their pictures; do they have kids, dogs, like motorcycles, photography, etc. Read their wall posts, post on their comments, start a relationship.

If this intimidates you as well, it's time to do some personal work on overcoming your fears. If you don't take action on this now, other people will be getting the jobs you want. One day you'll wake up and 15 years have gone by and you're exactly where you are now only filled with regret.

Shyness, is something you CAN overcome. There are many people I've worked with who've found solutions to this feeling and are now flourishing.

So there you have it. Perception. how do you plan to re-emerge on the Hollywood scene?
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